Transport infrastructure

Brief information about transport infrastructure: airports, train stations, and bus stations.

Brief information about the transport infrastructure: airports, train stations, bus stations.

Air Transport

Transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan is quite well developed. The country has 20 major airports, of which 11 serve international flights.

Railway transport

However, the main mode of transport for the transportation of passengers and cargo is via trains. The length of railways in Kazakhstan exceeds 15 thousand km. 16 butt points connect the railway system of Kazakhstan with neighbouring states - 11 with Russia, two with Uzbekistan, one with Kyrgyzstan, two with China. Today, passengers are transported along 116 routes.

Public transport

In Kazakhstan, public transport is well developed, designed to transport the population according to a certain schedule and route. In all cities shuttle buses are operated, in some cities, there are operating tram parks. There is a metro in Almaty. You can also use the taxi call service, or rent a car for independent driving.

Public cycling

In summer, bicycles are very popular. In large cities, there are special points where you can rent them.


Taxis in Kazakhstan will be needed in cases where you need to go around a lot of places in just one day, otherwise, public transport is quite convenient. For tourists travelling in a small group, it is beneficial to use a taxi in Kazakhstan. Taxi service is also suitable for trips in the vicinity of cities. A large number of cars with checkers on the roofs are always close to airports, metro stations and bus stops. You can also find taxis near shopping centres and markets.

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