Mangistau – the perfect place for spiritual enrichment

There is no place in the world that have more holy place than Mangystau. According to some of the reports, there are about 362 sacred places in the region.

There is no place in the world that have more holy place than Mangystau. According to some of the reports, there are about 362 sacred places in the region.

We will tell you about the most popular tourist pilgrimage sites in Mangystau.

The underground mosque of Becket-Ata.

When speaking about Mangystau region, it is impossible not to mention the famous Becket Ata mosque. Pilgrims from all over the world come here to bow to his relics and ask for mercy to heal the soul and body. The main thing is good thoughts and purity of the soul. In addition to the fact that the place is sacred, the underground mosque of Becket Ata is also a picturesque object with a rich history.

Underground Mosque of Shopan-Ata

The mosque is cut down in the rocks of a natural landscape. It is one of the oldest historical monuments. People say that the stones of the underground mosque were witnesses of many great deeds occurring from the XIII-XIV centuries of our era.

The road to Becket-Ata passes along the steppe, past the underground mosque of another saint, whose name is Shopan-ata, who, according to legend, is the spiritual mentor of Becket-ata. Necropolis of Shopan-ata dated the 12th century.

Shopan-Ata was a great teacher whom Sufism supporters knew and respected very much. It is believed that Shopan-Ata was one of the 360 ​​students of the preacher Khoja Ahmed Yassaui.

The mosque is visited by pilgrims on the way to Becket-ata. According to legend, the image of Shopan-Ata came in a dream to Becket-Ata when he slept in the dervish mosque.

Shakpak-Ata Underground Mosque

Shakpak Ata Cave is a human creation. Centuries ago, it was carved from the solid stone slabs. Its shape resembles a cross and later it was converted into a mosque. To ask for help, hundreds of pilgrims come to Shakpak-Ata annually.

According to legend, the famous healer Shakpak-Ata took those in need in this cave. People from all over the region came to him for help. Some needed physical healing, others spiritual.

Centuries have passed, but people continue to seek healing within the walls of an underground mosque.

Sultan-epe Underground Mosque

Mosque of the famous author of the chronicle “Bahrgani”. According to legend, Sultan-epe is the saint patron for the people that are in trouble in water. According to legend, Sultan-epe was one of the three sons of Hakim-ata, a follower of Khoja Akhmet. Hakim-ata called for his children, but the Sultan-epe was late. He explained his absence by rescuing a sinking ship and saving people. The father did not believe his son, despite the fact that he showed his back with traces of the rope. After a quarrel, Sultan-epe left his father’s house and built an underground mosque.

It is known that he lived in the XIII-XIV centuries. The mosque has survived to this day and is a holy place for locals and pilgrims.

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