Russian singer Straniza shot her music video for the song “Horizon” in the Mangystau region

The artist of the Artistic Group Gazgolder label - Ksenia Chumachenko, more known under the pseudonym Straniza, chose the posh landscapes of the Mangystau region for her music video. The news reported by quoting as a source

The first shot of the video begins with a dark, alarming basement. There the sweet and cute look of the singer turns into a daring and somewhat harsh one. The rest of the video continues in modest shades of light blue sky, that is contrasted with the colours of Ksenia’s looks, surrounded with girls-dancers, airborne sand and much much more.

“After I wrote a song, our whole team realized it should have a music video with a visual landscape. It needed to be nature and open space. I was immediately offered to fly to shoot in Kazakhstan. While handling all organizational issues: the search for locations, shots, dancers; coordination and planning of timing; we began to think over the idea of ​​the video. In short, the general idea of ​​the video consists in some kind of rebirth, in the creation of something new, the rejection of the past, which pulls you to the bottom and opens new horizons for you. One of the parts of the video was shot in Aktau, where a whole team of guides was assembled, who transferred us between locations, helped us not to burn out in the sun during the day and not to freeze at night in the desert. Girls-dancers who withstood all the difficulties of filming and did a great job, ”commented Ksenia Chumachenko.

The actions of the video took place in four different locations of Kazakhstan, adding a special flavour and complexity to the plot. Numerous bright looks of the singer were shining with new colours in duo with delicate shades of nature. The video was not only inspiring and insanely beautiful, but it also showed the artist in a new light. After a close-up of the musician’s clear eyes, it seems like, now we can say that not only we know Straniza, but talked frankly with her as well.