Galimzhan Niyazov visited tourist sites and got acquainted with current problems

 Deputy Akim of Mangistau region, responsible for investment management and tourism development Galimzhan Niyazov visited natural, historical, cultural, tourist sites and personally got acquainted with current problems.

The nature full of amazing mysteries, the history rooted in the distant past, the cultural and spiritual features of the region are attractive not only for foreigners, but also for residents of other regions of Kazakhstan. Therefore, special attention is paid to the development of eco-ethnotourism.

First of all, the working group visited the ancient settlement of Kyzylkala and the tract of Akmysh and discussed issues of sanitary cleanliness of the historical and cultural object. Then the Deputy akim of the region inspected the territory of mount Sherkala and instructed the district akimat to install road signs along the route of visiting all natural, historical, cultural, and tourist sites, and increase the number of urns at stops.

Four sanitary and hygienic centers are currently being built in the Mangistau region under the state program. Working trip continued in the ethno-village Kages near the mountain Sherkala. The purpose of the ethno-aul is to popularize Kazakh traditions. In yurts decorated with national colors, the number of tourists is increasing every day. However, the problem of water supply of the object is relevant. The working group discussed this issue, and the responsible persons received relevant instructions. In the shortest possible time from the akimat of Mangystau region will be offered solutions.