Currency and exchange rate

National currency, foreign currency exchange methods

National currency and foreign exchange methods:

Paying for purchases and all kinds of services in Kazakhstan is officially allowed only in local currency - tenge. Therefore, it is better to take care of the cash exchange in advance. Russian rubles, US dollars, euros, as well as other main types of currencies can be exchanged in banks and official exchange points, where the exchange rate is usually better.

In large cities, exchange offices where you can find out the exchange rate in Kazakhstan are working around the clock, and there are also quite a large number of ATMs. Acceptance for payment of bank cards (Visa, Master Card, Euro Card) is available for most shopping malls and hotels. However, if you plan to travel outside the cities, cash in local currency(tenge) will be a must for you.

Import or export of funds between the countries of the Customs Union (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia) is carried out without restrictions and customs declaration.

In the case of import or export of funds from or to a territory that is not part of the customs territory of the Customs Union, an amount exceeding ten thousand US dollars is subject to mandatory customs declaration.

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