Snow-white salt marshes in the middle of the steppe

Sor Tuzbair is located in the Mangystau region near the large and majestic Ustyurt plateau. Rocks and salt marsh combine in this beautiful creation of nature and attract tourists from all over the world with it’s’ beauty.

The snow-white of the salt marsh is emphasized by brown and beige shades of the steppe, and the blue transparent sky above it, which changes colour during the day and is reflected in the snow-white hill, the natural arch of Tuzbair litter.

A creation of nature that will not leave you impassible

The interesting relief, weathered rocks, salt marsh and the steppe form together an indescribable beauty that can leave a lifelong impression on both the inexperienced tourist and the experienced traveller.

The star of this significant natural monument is, without a doubt, Salt march Tuzbair. "Sor" in the Kazakh language, refers to the type of salt marsh, shallow and without drainage into the sea. Such salt marshes usually form in depressions up to 1.5 meters deep.

In spring, Sor becomes covered with water, in which the blue sky of the Magystau steppe is reflected. In summer, the water in the salt marsh hardens and it becomes covered with a dense crust of salt.

No doubt, photographers and tourists are attracted by the natural arch, towering above the terrain. The rays of the sun majestically frame it, and travellers are ready to stay in the steppe for the night to capture it with their own eyes: a picturesque landscape with sunset or sunrise over the salt marsh.

Trail of the history of the steppe in Sor Tuzbair

The two rows of stones that you will see when travelling to Sor Tuzbair are the work of human hands. Reflecting the spirit of the steppe and its ancient inhabitants, this design was used to hunt animals living in this area.

The people call this design "Aran." At the beginning of the 20th century, “Arans” were used for hunting animals, but today it is only a trace of the history of people that used to live in steppe and we can see it with our own eyes.

How to get to Sor Tuzbair

You can get to Sor Tuzbair from Aktau using a rented car, the distance is approximately 254 km, and in time it will take about 3.5 - 4 hours. The Aktau-Beyneu highway, which leads to the sights, also provides access to the Manat Upland and the Ustyurt Plateau.

Travel companies organize tours for groups by bus or off-road transport.

Useful tips for a trip to Sor Tuzbair

• We advise you to stay overnight at Sor Tuzbair. Sunset and sunrise will transform this creation of nature and with different lighting, you can take great photos that are unique and different from each other.

• Besides, the starry night sky in the steppe is an incomparable picture that will leave you breathless.

• Recommended for travel is the spring season. At this time, wild tulips and steppe flowers begin to bloom. Sor Tuzbair is beautiful at any season of the year as well.

• A hat and a supply of water (from 3 litres per person) is a must-have kit for a day trip. Warm clothes are needed if you want to stay to see the stars and not to freeze in the steppe.

• For walking in the spring and summer, it is worth putting on rubber boots or other high closed shoes, as your feet may get wet from salty deposits or water covered with salt marshes.

• Sunglasses are required when travelling to Sor Tuzbair, as bright sunlight reflected from white salt marshes is harmful to the eyes.

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