Spend the sunset by the sea.

If you came to Aktau city, then the first place you need to visit is the sea promenade. This is the heart of the city and a favourite place for citizens and guests  of the city of all ages. The Aktau sea promenade is incredibly beautiful at any time of the year. Majestic snow-white swans come here in the winter, and in the spring the colourful Nauryz holiday takes place. It is a time of cheerful folk festivals, various traditional competitions and interesting games. The sea promenade is a real centre-piece and landmark of Aktau.

Things to do

The best time to visit the promenade is the morning or evening time. In the morning, there are quite a few people here, so no one will stop you from enjoying the sunrise and the calm and pacification that the movement of the waves of the Caspian Sea gives. In the quayside coffee shops, you can buy takeaway coffee and enjoy a pleasant walk with the sound of waves and the gulls. There are comfortable benches and cosy rotundas along the promenade for the comfort of the visitors.

A continuation of the promenade is a picturesque rocky trail that will leave a long lasting impression and will not leave you indifferent.

The coast here is rocky and steep, and it offers a magnificent panorama of the beautiful sea bay. Very often, photographers gather together and create unique photographs of sunset and sunrise over the Caspian sea.

After a refreshing morning walk, it's time to visit one of the local restaurants on the beach to enjoy delicious and bright local cuisine and amazing sea views. We recommend you a delicious tea, dried fruits and national pastries - baursaks.

In the evening, the sea promenade is transformed completely. Evening lights are lit, the promenade is filled with people and music begins to play. Space is filled with a sense of celebration. In a nearby cafe, you can buy an ice cream and take a leisurely stroll into the atmosphere of a warm, cosy evening. The warm evening breeze, sunset sky and sun reflected in the water, and the soothing sound of waves. In addition to unforgettable sunsets, the Aktau sea promenade can delight guests with original architectural objects that are real landmarks of the city. You can also include in the evening walk program a sea trip on a catamaran or boat, or a visit to the sturgeon farm, which is located in the restaurant of the Caspian Riviera Hotel. There are two large aquariums for sturgeon fish in the restaurant built below sea level.  One of these aquariums is under a transparent glass floor. The life of fish could be observed as well through a large panoramic window of the second aquarium with sturgeon fish.

There are several beaches along the promenade within the city for people that prefer beach holidays. The beaches fully equipped for a comfortable, pleasant stay.

How to get there

You can use public transport or a taxi to get to the promenade. If your hotel is located not far away, then a great idea would be to make a pleasant walk.

Useful tips

For sports lovers, we advise you to rent a bike and ride along the promenade in the morning. If your visit to Aktau is in winter, we advise you to walk along the promenade and take a photo with swans. If you are planning your trip to Aktau in September, be sure to visit the Aktau OpenFest - a festival of sports and music that is held annually on the seashore in the open air.

What else to do in Aktau

In Aktau, you can also go diving and spearfishing or rent a yacht and take an unforgettable trip through the picturesque Caspian open spaces and go fishing on the high seas.

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