A pedestrian path between a sheer cliff and the sea was created by modern architects just last year. In the very first days after the opening, it became the most popular place to visit by tourists and residents of the region. The reason is a unique combination of modernity and antiquity in one place.

The rock trail is a unique structure and has no analogues in the CIS. Just a few years ago, this route was not available for the citizens. The huge rock is impregnable fortress and the lower microdistricts of Aktau were built on it. Now, the trail so succinctly fits into the natural landscape that it is already impossible to imagine how people lived without this walking zone.

Most of the trail (70%) is accessible for people with limited mobility. The length of the route is 1.5 kilometers. The project provides 24 observation platforms with incredible view of the Caspian Sea.

Experts say that the Aktau rock trail is “a cut for a diamond” - the Caspian sea, that is incomparable in its grandeur and beauty.

“Cherry on the cake”

A unique image to the rock is given by a unique lighting system. The project developers installed 300 LED spotlights in relict rocks, 35 in the parking zone, 60 to illuminate the pedestrian zone. The illumination of different colors at night creates a unique view and amazing holiday atmosphere.

Tourist destination that is nearby

The rock trail passes by the unique Caspian Rivera hotel, which’s 6th of the 12 floors are inscribed in the same rock. Another notable feature of the hotel is that it hosts the largest aquarium museum with sturgeon fish.

Just a few hundred meters from the rocky trail an amusement park is located.

Further along the seashore is the Aktau embankment, which is several kilometers long.

How to get to the trail?

There are several ways to get to your destination while in Aktau: by bus (route 12) or taxi service. In the city on the cost of Caspian Sea, there are one of the cheapest taxis in the world. Ride to any destination costs an average of 1 US dollar.

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