Torysh - unsolved mystery 

The most mysterious landmark of the Mangystau region makes scientists around the world puzzle over it. Until now, no one can understand how stones of a clear round shape appeared in the middle of the boundless steppe. Disputes on the topic have been ongoing for 250 years. However, thinkers have not come to a common opinion.

There are several versions of the origin of the valley of balls. One of the assumptions is that the balls appeared as a result of electric discharges in the earth's crust that occurred in zones of active tectonic faults. Rotating in the fault rocks formed into spherical nodules.

The ball was formed according to the principle of a snowball: a small grain was overgrown with a thick layer of sand and clay. These processes occurred at a time when there were ponds on the place of the modern valley. Therefore, the core of the ball consists of the remains of small organisms that lived in the sea. The prints of insects, shells and fish are visible even now. However, this is just a version not scientifically confirmed. Locals, for example, suggest that this phenomenon is the work of alien creatures.

At the beginning of the last century, similar boulders were found in Latin America.

The valley of balls Torysh is a favourite place of Mangystau residents and it attracts curious tourists from all over the world. Huge boulders of regular round shape look like dinosaur eggs. They have been lying in the steppes for thousand years under the hot sun of Mangystau.

An interesting fact is that balls interacting with the winds of Mangystau “make” magical sounds similar to the howls of wild animals.

Legends and traditions

The locals have several legends of the origin of the valley of balls Torish. According to one of them –the balls are former enemies whom the Lord made into stones, listening to the prayers of residents.

Another belief - stones are the cannonballs for the cannon of the glorious hero batyr Yersary.

How to get to the Valley of the Balls?

The Valley of Balls is located in the Mangystau region.

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