The culture and identity of each nation are expressed in its traditions, folk instruments, dishes, and, of course, in national clothes. From the national dress, one can understand in what area the people lived. Today we will talk about the Kazakh national dress. In Kazakhstan, especially in Mangystau, national dress has not lost its significance.

Kazakh national clothes are very stunning, sometimes trimmed with different patterns. Because the Kazakhs were a nomadic people, in addition to the beauty of clothing, great attention was paid to make it practical and comfortable. Clothes were made from materials that were not cold in winter and convenient in summer. By the clothes of a person, it was possible to determine how old this person is, what is the marital status of the girl.

There are many types of Kazakh national clothes, we will tell you about some of them:

1. Tymak is a man's winter headdress, often made of sheepskin or furs. The great Kazakh thinker and poet, Abay, wrote about the importance of the tymak. By this headdress, it was possible to determine to which dzhuzh (clan) its owner belongs.

2. Chapan is an outer garment, sewn mainly from expensive materials. This element of the wardrobe has been preserved in Kazakh culture to this day. As before, it is a gift to distinguished guests. So, the famous actor Nikolas Cage, upon arrival in Kazakhstan, was also presented with a chapan, as a sign of respect for his personality, and also as a symbol of our country.

3. Saukele is a traditional headdress of Kazakh women, which mothers used to give to their daughters when they left their homes for their husbands (synsu). This tradition continues today. Saukele is a cone-shaped, very stunning element of a girl's wedding dress. It is decorated with beads and other jewels with Kazakh folk patterns. The top of the saukele's head used to be decorated with the feathers of an owl (uki), but today this attribute has lost its significance, and there are often no feathers.

4. Camsole is a stylish element of women's wardrobe. It can be with or without sleeves. It is sewn mainly from expensive fabric and decorated with patterns. In addition to it are national decorations, with which the camisole begins to play with new colors. In Kazakhstan, especially on Mangystau, there are a large number of camisoles, it is an obligatory attribute of the clothes of daughters-in-law, and the whole of Mangystau wears these incredibly beautiful outfits on Nauryz.

5. Jacqy - an expensive fur coat with a collar made of tanned foal skin. Not everyone could afford such fur coat. Today you can see this element of outerwear wardrobe in museums.

It is only few parts of the Kazakh national dress. Today, Kazakh national clothes, as well as clothes with elements of its decor, are presented in high fashion weeks. With its beauty, it attracts the attention of people from all over the world.

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