One of the most beautiful canyons in the country, Kapamsay, is located in the Mangystau region. Kapamsay is located 250 kilometers from the regional center - the city of Aktau, on the Tyub-Karagan peninsula, just five kilometers from the Caspian Sea. The walls of the canyon are varied: in some areas, they are snow-white, somewhere cream, and in some points, they are generally silvery. Their length reaches as much as 70 meters, which strikes the human eye. It is surprising that in the very heart of the canyon, there are mulberry trees, like an oasis. Most likely, the trees began to bloom as a result of rainwater that always collects here. According to scientists, the canyon was formed in the Jurassic period, perhaps it was then that the river flowed here.

Kapamsay gathers various tourists from all over the world. Based on materials found here, historians claim that there were silicon workshops here a few centuries ago. Driving into the canyon, people and cars look tiny against the background of its majestic walls. Lovers of wild fauna are frequent guests of the canyon - eagles live here. Their nests are camouflaged from human eyes in the high niches of the Kapamsay rocks. 

A cave has been cut down on the territory of the mysterious and majestic canyon. It is located at three meters height, in one of the walls of Kapamsay. It is noteworthy that the author of this cave is not known up to date. But the fact that it is human-made is unambiguous. Of course, there are no traces of life in the cave. There are some traces of a baby cradle and a yurt (the nomadic dwelling of Kazakhs) that were left in the corner of the cave from the previous owners.

A trip to Kapamsay will give every traveler an unforgettable experience and, of course, great photos for memory. For the organization of tours, you can contact the tour operators, or go yourself. Don't forget water and hats. Have a great stay!

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