The city on the coast of the Caspian Sea has to offer a lot of different water activities. Today we will tell you about some of them.

Flyboard is an extreme sport that involves flying over the water surface. It can climb up to 19 meters high, besides, you can learn to do all kinds of tricks on it. For more information contact @flyboardaktau.

 Sapboarding is paddle boarding, which is already loved by residents and guests of the city. The main difference between a paddleboard and a regular surfboard is the presence of a paddle adapted for places where there are no waves. A great way to relax. Contacts @supaktau, @supboard_aktau.

Wakeboarding is a sport that is especially popular with fans of extreme sensations. Includes elements of water ski slalom, acrobatics and jumping. @Wakeboardaktau can teach you wakeboarding from scratch.

Kiting is a rapidly spreading sport, which is the movement of a certain kite (kite) controlled by an athlete.

Windsurfing is an aquatic entertainment and a subspecies of sailing. This sport calms and helps to abstract from the hustle and bustle. For more information contact @windsurf_aktau.

Diving is also developed on the Caspian coast. There are different types of fish in the sea, besides, in some places, the sea is especially mysterious due to the stones at the bottom. For the record, write @diving_aktau.

There are several water parks on the territory of the Mangystau region. For several years, residents and guests of the city have been enjoying the water park on the territory of the @treeoflifekz beach resort. This year, @laguna_akvapark_aktau (convenient location in the city) and a water park at @rixoswaterworldaktau began operating.

Renting a yacht is a great idea for a vacation on the Caspian coast. You can arrange a vacation with the whole family, a large group of friends, or a romantic date for two. For detailed information on tariffs and registration, please contact @aktau_yachta, @yacht_aktau, @arenda_yacht_aktau

 A jet ski is a familiar leisure activity for those who have a rest at sea. Riding a jet ski helps you relax and get a boost of emotions. Jet skis are rented on all major beaches of the city. For opening hours, please contact @dostar_bananpluwkakater, @ parasailing_aktau_1

Banana rides are very fun and safe. You can ride a banana with the whole company. In calm weather, bananas could be found on large beaches. For more information, contact @dostar_bananpluwkakater, @ parasailing_aktau_1

Riding catamarans has been accustomed to residents and guests since Soviet times. While riding, you can slowly observe the seascapes, besides, it is a good physical activity.

Aquataxi is a very budget option for spending time in the Caspian. The city has @gunaaktau and @ustyurt_aktau. This is a type of sea entertainment that is available almost all year round.

Many of these activities are available at special beaches and recreation centres @ stigl.aktau, @rixoswaterworldaktau, @treeoflifekz, @dostar_hotel_aktau, @guna_plyazh_aktau.

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