Tourism has been rapidly developing in Mangystau in recent years. This is primarily due to the Caspian coast and a large number of beautiful and mysterious gifts of nature. In addition to the above reasons, the Mangystau region is also attractive for health tourism. A radon source is located 40-50 kilometres from the regional centre, the city of Aktau.

The mechanism of hot (radon) springs is represented by the impact on a person of mineral water of different composition, where radon predominates. Radon is a chemical element that appears as a result of the decay of radium and belongs to the radioactive uranium family. A feature of the radon source in Mangystau is that it is natural, located right under the open sky. The water at the source reaches 50 degrees Celsius. In some resorts and sanatoriums around the world there are man-made, that is, artificial hot radon springs.

The benefits of radon baths for the body are obvious but do not forget that this is a chemical gas and there are special indications for its use. Radon springs are good at helping and improving:

- skin health;

- normalize blood pressure;

- for diseases of the endocrine system;

- heart diseases;

- diseases of the musculoskeletal system;

- state of immunity;

- have an anti-inflammatory effect;

- diseases of the respiratory system;

- diseases of the nervous system, etc.

The Mangystau Peninsula is full of the richest natural sources. For example, water from the Kuyulus field was tested in Soviet times and it was found that its composition corresponds to "Essentuki 17". Today there is one hot spring in the region. Treatment of joint diseases is an excellent alternative to drug treatment.

Taking radon baths is no more than 15-20 minutes, and then vacationers can get a kind of massage, standing under the spray of the fountain. Further, at 250-300, mud baths are located, which have an excellent effect on the condition of the skin of the body. There is a radon source on the side where the recreation centres are located. That is, vacationers at recreation centres do not have to come to the city to get medicinal baths. Vacationers are always here, especially in the summer.

When travelling, be sure to bring towels and other personal hygiene products, hats, and water. We wish you excellent rest and good health!

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