Cycling is an excellent physical activity that has great benefits for the body. There are many advantages of cycling, let's list the main ones: improving health; normalization of sleep patterns; improving the exciting background; a great way to abstract from the world and collect your thoughts; significant savings in money for a car; lose weight; the opportunity to find like-minded people; a perfect example for the younger generation and much more. In Mangystau, in particular, in its regional center - the city of Aktau, cycling is developing at a rapid pace.

Every year there are more bike lovers, and even thematic groups on social networks, where anyone can join. Walking along the waterfront of the city, you can meet a large number of people riding bicycles. The early time (6:00 am) is no exception when on the seafront you can meet people of different ages going in for sports: someone is walking, someone is running, others are exercising, as well as those who ride bicycles.

Participants of the Mangystau cycling community are great fellows: they motivate all residents of the city to ride a bicycle, set their records, and travel to the natural attractions of the city with their friendly company. Anyone can join their friendly ranks.

The motorcycle movement in Aktau is a whole community of like-minded people who traditionally open the motorcycle season annually. Not only bikers are expecting the opening of the season but also the residents of the city. On holidays in May (most often on May 1 - the day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan), all city motorcycles pass along the main road of the city. Each resident and guest of Aktau has the opportunity to take pictures in two-wheeled vehicles. The main purpose of the opening ceremony of the motorcycle season is to increase interest in motorcycles, and in the future to increase the number of like-minded bikers in the city.

We have unique motorcycles in our city, hand-assembled by local lovers of two-wheeled vehicles. Aktau bikers are like-minded people who communicate all year round. By the way, the closing of the motorcycle season is often large-scale. Riding bikes overlooking the beautiful Caspian is very inspiring. Despite some risks, riding motorcycles is very exciting if you follow all the rules. The biker community is very open and friendly to new entrants and tirelessly follows the riding rules to minimize road injuries. After talking with them, all the myths about bikers disappear.

The next activity that can be seen in Mangystau is rally. As it turned out, we have quite a few rally fans, and due to the location of the region, we often have a rally path. Rally is a type of auto racing that takes place on open and closed tracks in special cars. Already three times the path "Rally Kazakhstan" passed on the territory of our region in the status of a stage of the FIA ​​World Cup on rally-raids (International Automobile Federation.

To see a live rally competition and cheer for our country, people come from all over the country. Because of the love for this sport, which traditionally passes through our steppes, rally fans found each other in the region and created a kind of community of like-minded people. ). The last time, in 2019, the rally in the territory of Mangystau consisted of six stages. The gathering headquarters of the participants was the Caspian Riviera hotel, the first and last day is the city of Aktau, and the three days between them is Kenderli. The rally changes its route, but the mechanism remains the same. If you like this type of racing and would like to see the races live, then follow the information about the date and venue on the website

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