Aktau is an incredible city on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Due to the location and gentle climate, the city attracts tourists every year. There are a lot of possible ways of relaxation, but today we'll tell you about yachting. This is the kind of pleasure that everyone will fall in love with: fans of active sport; people who love to reunite with nature; perfect for a romantic date or family vacation.

Normally, a yacht trip in Aktau takes one to two hours, but you can extend the trip depending on your preferences. When yacht leaves far from the coast, it makes a stop and there is an opportunity to swim even for children (everyone will be provided with a life jacket). You can pick up food from the coast, or request an all-you-can-eat table at your discretion. Yacht trips take place both during the day and in the evening. The view is stunning both in the afternoon and in the evening. During the day, you can observe gorgeous views of nature, but at night, the human-made creations are especially beautiful - the city is full of bright lights, and the rocky path with its bright lights changes with completely different colours from a distance.

Yachting is a great way to verify your summer vacation. The advantage of relaxing on a yacht is that the number of tourists is not fundamentally important here. The request for this type of entertainment is high. In the “Yacht Club” of the city, there are many yachts of different sizes and shapes. In addition to relaxation, the yacht today has become a favourite place for photoshoots, as well as part of some celebrations during a wedding. This gives a certain flavour to the event, especially if there are guests from other cities among the invitees. The certain advantage of the yacht is that there will be only yacht team and your guests.

When planning a yacht vacation, do not forget a hat if you are going to sail during the day. Also, be careful if there are small children nearby. We are certain that sailing in the Caspian Sea will give you a blast of positive emotions.

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