SUP surfing (stand-up paddleboarding). Many people have often heard and seen (possibly in films) about surfing. However, surfing can be done directly only if there is a big wave. Stand up SUP surfing has been around for a long time, but as a sport, it began to gain momentum in the early 2000s. In the Caspian Sea, waves are not so frequent, so only SUP surfing is suitable here. Besides, a big plus of stand-up paddleboarding is its easy and quick learning. It appeared in Aktau about 4 years ago, but during this time it has become fond of residents and guests of the city. In this short period, even SUP surfing competitions were organized.

The shape of the regular board and a SUP board are the same, only the SUP board is slightly wider and longer. SUP surfing is also widespread in cities, where classic one is also popular. The advantage of the first is that due to the paddle the surfer gets up on the wave faster and, therefore, picks up speed.

Depending on the purpose and location of the surfer, there are several types of SUP boards. In Aktau, they use a sup-touring board designed for walking on calm water. For additional maneuverability and stability, choose a wide longboard with a pointed nose.

SUP surfing is a great sport and recreation for any person. Everyone have to be equipped with a life jacket. There are several companies in Aktau where vacationers can rent the board. You can swim with a coach who will teach you everything. The best time for surfing is early in the morning or closer to the sunset. During these periods of the day, the damage to the skin is minimal. For those who already do an excellent job with the board themselves, a daily rental is provided - an excellent form of entertainment outside the city.

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