In the Tupkaragan district of the Mangystau region, there is one of the wonders of nature, the most frequently visited by residents and guests of the city - the Saura stow. The place, located 90 kilometres from the city of Aktau, was formed as a result of seasonal rains. The peculiarity of the stow is the freshwater lake Saura and a large amount of vegetation growing here. 30 years ago, the amount of greenery in this place was much more, but as a result of a fire, the grove burned down. Today, workers of the ecological organization of the region "Eco Mangystau" are again engaged in planting on the territory of the stow.

Rare marsh turtles and frogs are one of Saura's calling cards. The beauty of the gift of nature will captivate the eyes of its visitors: here are the steep walls of Saura, 50 meters high; and crystal clear water flowing down in trickles and drops from the walls; and a large amount of flora - Kazakh lilac (tamarix), fragrant mint and harmala! This whole picture looks especially amazing after the road leading to Saura - the deserted Tupkaragan. Until recently, large numbers of livestock could be found near the lake of the stow, which came down here to drink. However, today, due to the pollution of freshwater and the deterioration of the Sauna flora, it was decided to install fences that do not allow animals.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the last century, the researchers found an old fortress in the stow. According to archaeologists, people lived here in the Early Bronze Age. Perhaps it was one of the sites on the Great Silk Road. Also, scientists say that people here died overnight - as a result of the destruction of the fortress, presumably due to an earthquake. The burial place of a woman was found at a depth of 2.5 meters in the fortress, next to her were the remains of kitchen utensils. In general, according to Mangystau, due to its geographical location, there are many such monuments of ancient civilizations.

A tour to Sauru is interesting to anyone - first, a miracle of nature, going down to which, a person relaxes, as well as cute turtles in the lake. Further, you can see the remains of the fortress, which gives the realization that once upon a time here, like us, there were people who admired the beautiful views. Further, the Caspian Sea awaits us, not far from the coast of which Saura is located. Visiting the Saura stow - consists of the solid advantages listed above, also, the sea bottom here is sandy, and the water temperature in the Caspian is much higher here than on city beaches.

After seeing a cultural monument, a historical monument, you can have a wonderful time on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Most importantly, do not forget with you a supply of water (at least 2 litres per person), a hat and a good mood! Especially for vacationers on the outskirts of Saura, there are garbage containers to keep the stow clean. You can come to Sauru on a tour organized by local travel companies, or by your transport. We wish you a great stay in a place that everyone who has been to Mangystau should visit!

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