On the territory of the Mangystau region, many places annually attract hundreds of tourists from all over the world. Because of tourism potential, new routes and excursion programs are constantly being introduced here. Camping tours are adored by guests and residents of Mangystau. In recent years, this type of entertainment is gaining popularity. In the traditional sense, camping is an encampment with tents and buses, the average duration of which is usually 10 days. Tours of such duration are held around the jewels of Mangystau, but this requires special preparation since you need to be ready to be in the wild steppe for such a long time.

Tourist camping tours are organized for one or two days. During such tours, you can see different beauties of the Mangystau region. Camping tours have many advantages:

1. Visit several beautiful locations of the region in a short time;

2. See places that are not easy to get to by car;

3. To merge with nature (good practice for unloading and charging with new energy);

4. Challenge yourself if you are used to be in your comfort zone;

5. Find like-minded people who want to discover new places and travel constantly;

6. Show the people that are dear to you Mangystau from the other side;

7. Sit by the fire; admire the stars in the wild steppe;

8. Make gorgeous photos and videos to save good memories;

9. Develop your communication skills;

10. Enrich your weekend/vacation with new emotions, etc.

Camping tours are organized by travel companies. This is convenient since you only need to take your personal belongings. Another advantage of camping with them is that the route is accurately marked, and the driver has been to these places more than once. You can also organize your camping tour with friends, but you just need to think carefully about all the details and know the route. Resting in tents, spending the night in sleeping bags under the open sky, talking and playing by the fire is a separate romance that is better to feel once. When leaving, do not forget to take the necessary supply of water, a hat, warm clothes (it is cold in the steppe at night) and, of course, a good mood! Be attentive and careful, we wish you to have a good time!

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