The Karynzharyk depression, located near the town of Zhanaozen, attracts a large number of tourists every year. One of the peculiarities of the depression is that it is not so easy to drive up to it, so tourists who love "wild tourism" often come here. The beauty of this place will appeal to everyone. The unusual landscapes will take your breath away. Here salt marshes substituted clay and sand, which is a rare occurrence. Mangystau is the pearl of Kazakhstan, where many places of extraordinary beauty are hidden. Karynzharyk is no exception in this matter since here a person does not feel that he is on this planet. Thanks to the beauty of nature, there is a feeling that a tourist found himself somewhere on another planet.

The main object of Karynzharyk is the Three Batyrs mountains, which you can see from the ledges of the depression. This place is beautiful at any time of the day, as the outlier mountains always look different. It depends on the sun, clouds, and rain. The Karynzharyk depression is considered the territory of the Ustryurt reserve. Therefore this place is under the specific protection of the state. The reason for this is a large number of rare flora and fauna in this area. The length of the depression is 85 kilometers from east to west. During the rains in the steppe, a thin layer of water is covering the foothills of the mountains. At such moments Karynzharyk becomes unusually beautiful.

Mouflons live in an area where a human foot rarely enters. Karynzharyk is perfect for a comfortable life. At the foot of the Karynzharyk mountains, unlike others in this area, you cannot take pictures. There are some reasons for this. For example, the depth of the depression is 75 meters above sea level, while the height of the Three Brothers reaches 300 meters. Despite this, the place is still loved by tourists, because even watching him with a depression ledge, man shall be satisfied nature. The network has a video Karynzharyk - there views from the benches, and the foot of the mountains, and the view from the top - very impressive shots.

However, it is better to see the beauty of the depression of the Ustyurt reserve once it lives. After all, even the favorite tourists come back to this place again and again.

At the bottom of Karynzharyk, there is Kenderli's sor. If in the summer you can see a picture of a cracked salt plate, then at other times of the year, you can see the reflection of Karynzharyk in the salt lake. This place is beautiful from whatever side you look at it. If you love natural landscapes and you like to rest alone with nature, then Karynzharyk is the right decision. You can get there by personal transport, or you can contact a travel company for organizing a tour. We wish you a great holiday and a lot of positive impressions!

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