The traditions of national hunting in Mangystau have been very influential since ancient times.

For Kazakhstanis, a hunter is a traditional symbol of male strength and endurance, whether it is a nomad on horseback and with a bird of prey on his hand or a modern hunter with modern weapons. As in the entire modern world today in Kazakhstan, hunting is no longer a way to get food for yourself, but a hobby that contributes to the conservation and careful value of fauna.

All hunting without fail is allowed to be carried out exclusively in the territories referred to as hunting grounds.

In such areas, animal protection and monitoring of violations always carried out. Also, various measures are taken to protect and improve the habitat of animals, such as counting the number of animals, feeding them in winter, etc.

Hunting seasons

In Kazakhstan, you can hunt throughout the year only during the periods of two hunting seasons: the autumn-winter hunting season and the spring. The fall season usually opens in early September and lasts until mid-February. The spring season usually is open in early March and last two weeks. It should be noted, that the dates may change and it is imperative to check the actual dates before the trip.

Where to go for organizing and conducting hunting

Several agencies in Aktau are professionally involved in organizing hunting. Usually, the following items are included in the standard package of services of these agencies:

- Assistance in the preparation of permits for the import and export of firearms;

- Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel;

- Guide to Aktau;

- Transfer from the Aktau hotel to the hunting camp;

- Organization of a hunting camp and accommodation services;

- Transport in hunting areas - cars and horses;

- Guide services (individual guide for each hunter);

- Interpreter;

- Meals for the hunting period and in the camp;

- Processing of the caught game - sanding, preparation of trophy parts;

- Transfer from hunting grounds to the hotel;

- Transfer from the hotel to Aktau airport.

Also, if you wish, you can include a rather long list of additional services in the package, which could be discussed individually.

Who and when can you hunt in Mangystau?

Sandpipers can be hunted from August 1 to November 30 in the designated territories: Karazhanbas, Golubaya Bukhta-Saura, Aschysor, Pribrezhnoe and Mangyshlak.

Quail and pigeons can be hunted from 20 to 30 November in the hunting grounds of Karazhanbas, Bostankum, Karatau, Golubaya Bukhta-Saura, Aschysor, Pribrezhnoe, Kiyakhty, Mangyshlak, Zheltau-Kollenkeli.

Goose, duck and bald. From September 1 to December 15 on the territory of Karazhanbas, Golubaya Bay-Saura, Ashhysor, Pribrezhny and Mangyshlak.

Korsak, fox and hare. From November 1, 2018 to February 15, 2019 in Karazhanbas, Bostankum, Karatu, Blue Bay-Saura, Aschysor, Pribrezhny, Kiyakhty, Mangyshlak, Zheltau-Kolenkeli.

Keklik. From October 1 to December 15 in the region of Karazhanbas, Bostankum, Karatau, Golubaya Bay-Saura, Aschysor, Pribrezhny, Kiyakhty, Mangyshlak, Zheltau-Kolenkeli.

Boar. From September 1 to December 31 in the direction of Zheltau-Kolenkeli.

Hunters do not need permission to hunt wolves, jackals, crows, magpies, rooks and stray dogs.

National hunting with birds of prey

To obtain a permit for the use of the animal world, hunting lovers should contact the Mangistau Regional Society of Hunters and Fishermen, located in the "Robinson" store in the 4th micro-district, house No. 1. Contacts: +7 (7292) 506-995.

As already mentioned, the history of Mangystau is primarily the history of the nomads. From time immemorial, they hunted for food. One of the main types of national hunting is hunting with birds of prey: golden eagles and dogs of a special hunting breed called tazy.

Today in Mangystau there is an active revival and development of this beautiful ancient nomadic tradition: hunting with birds of prey. Berkutchi competitions have become a new bright cultural page in the modern history of Kazakhs.

According to an old legend, a person who has planted a bird of prey on his hand acquires agility, strength, courage and wisdom. Falconry and golden eagle hunting are considered traditional hunting with birds of prey in Kazakhstan. Also in Kazakhstan, other national types of hunting are reviving and developing - hunting from tazy.

On November 16, 2010, hunting with birds of prey was officially included in the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Hunting with birds of prey is a real treasure and an important part of the culture of the Great Steppe. Today, this ancient tradition is the pride of the people of Mangistau and all of Kazakhstan.

What documents need to be drawn up for a foreign citizen

To obtain a permit for transporting personal firearms of hunters and ammunition for them, a foreign citizen must provide the following documents (for each hunter):

- Copy (scan) of the passport;

- The address;

- Place and address of work;

- Position held;

- Name, number, the calibre of the weapon;

- The number of cartridges for import, their calibre and brand;

-Copy (scan) of the license

to carry a weapon, which was issued in the country of permanent residence of the hunter;

- 3 photos 3x4 (in electronic form).

Under the current requirements of local legislation (a permit for the import/export of weapons must be issued within at least one month. To obtain such a permit, the organizer of the hunt must have the original contract for the hunt). It is also required that the original of the signed agreement with the hunter and the entire list of these documents be on hand, at least two months before the start of the hunt. During this time, a permit for the import/export of firearms and cartridges will be issued.

Useful Tips

Before travelling, be sure to consult with the organizers about the equipment. You will be advised what clothes and shoes are best to choose depending on the hunting location and the season.

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