Explore the underwater secrets of the Caspian sea

Diving or scuba diving is one of the most exciting and breathtaking entertainment available for residents and guests of Aktau. The most unforgettable and marvellous type of outdoor activities will not leave indifferent either adults or children. The depths of the mysterious underwater world, previously unexplored for you, picturesque seascapes and fantastic underwater cliffs - this is only a small part of that huge underwater picture that is available to you when scuba diving. If you try to plunge into the mysterious and intriguing waters of the Caspian for the first time, you will want to repeat this experience again and again.

The Caspian Sea is the perfect place for scuba diving. The growing popularity of this type of outdoor activity is primarily due to the incredible transparency of the waters of the Caspian Sea, the marvellous diversity and beauty of the underwater world, and the most picturesque underwater landscapes.

In Aktau you can find companies that offer training for beginner divers, including theoretical and practical training. Scuba diving in Aktau is suitable not only for beginners, but also experienced professionals. More advanced divers will be interested in a scuba diving tour of the Caspian Sea with the opportunity to explore the seabed of many picturesque bays and depth. An open water area with pure clear water, decorated with various reliefs from the sandy bottom to rocky slopes, and the diverse flora and fauna will not leave anyone unimpressed.

It is worth to say that the Caspian sea bottom is quite little explored. In the blue depths, you can still find a lot of unknown. Another unique feature of the Caspian Sea is the absence of dangerous animals and fish. Many foreign tourists from all over the world show interest in this new unexplored type of holiday on the coast of the Caspian sea.

Not so long ago, a diving centre of Kazakhstan was opened in Aktau. It has become 111 countries in which you can fully complete the entire training course under the international SSI program (SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL). This organization was founded in Germany 50 years ago (in 1970) and already has more than three thousand diving centres around the world. Upon completion of training of this centre, divers can receive an international certificate, which gives them the right to scuba diving anywhere in the world. It is especially worth noting that diving is all such a rather dangerous sport, and a person needs significant theoretical, practical and psychological preparation before the first dive.

To fully enjoy an engaging and exciting scuba diving, you should contact only specialized and certified diving centres that will ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Before starting training, it is necessary to consult with a doctor, since scuba diving has a lot of medical contraindications. Among them, the main ones are ENT organs diseases, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and various endocrine diseases. If you have had a tonsil or pneumonia, it is better to avoid scuba-diving for 2-3 weeks. Also, do not dive underwater if the day before you are feeling exhausted, slept poorly or drank strong alcohol.

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