A place filled with magic

Mount Boszhira and natural boundary are one of the most mysterious and marvellous places in Kazakhstan. This place is saturated with its unique magic and one in kind spirit. Seeing this magnificent work of nature, you can easily feel like a part of ancient legends.

The natural boundary is located on the Mangyshlak peninsula in the Mangistau region in the south-west of Kazakhstan and every year this place attracts more and more tourists.

If you decide to travel around Mangystau, the Boszhira  natural boundary should be a must-see destination. This place will leave a very special kind of impression that will stay with you for life.

History of the place 

Mysterious forms of Mount Boszhira were formed during weathering of the limestone deposits. Those deposits were the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean, which existed more than 10 million years ago. Later, the climate changed a lot and became dry and windy; the sea receded, exposing the bottom, which later became a picturesque desert. Limestone deposits that appeared on the surface began to gradually erode under the influence of the elements. The centuries-old pieces of stone with the help of water and wind formed this unique and amazing landscape.

The magic of mount Boszhira

The first thing that travellers see is the famous Boszhira Fangs - Azu Tisteri. Two grandiose monumental columns of 200 meters high rise from the chalk screes into the sky. The foot of the “Azu Tisteri” is the most popular point in Boszhira, where tourists often set up their campgrounds and take photos. But still, the main point of view and photos is the plateau, where you can see all the rocks of all sizes and shapes soaring in the valley. The variety of forms reminds travelers of the ancient strongholds of wizards, or a huge yurt, or even the fang of the ancient giant.

The rocks shine during sunset with a magnificent variety of colours, but only at night can you witness the real magic. The natural boundary fills up with "ancient rare magic" and the light from the moon and stars can make anyone believe in a fairy tale.

How to get to Mount Boszhira

Usually a trip to Boszhira you can make by car and with hiking trails through the valley.

The largest city with an international airport closest to Boszhira is Aktau, a city on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Upon arrival in the city, it will be necessary to rent a car. The distance from Aktau to the natural boundary is not small - about 300 km. First, you need to get from Aktau to the town of Zhanaozen, then after driving about 20 km you need to find a sign. We need to look for a direction to the village of Senek (turn right). The road from the village to the natural boundary leads through the valley of Mount Bokty - another natural attraction. It should be noted that the roads are quite difficult to drive through because of the sand and stones and the car must be suitable for a serious off-road drive.

The best option would be to contact the touristic company, which will take care of all organizational issues.

Additional recommendations

In the afternoon, rocks become very hot from the scorching sun. When visiting, be sure to wear light hats and do not forget to bring a bottle of water with you. If you intend to stay the night or the evening, then you need to bring warm clothes with you, as it could get pretty chilly in the evening.

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