In December of 2009, the Aktau shopping and entertainment complex (Aktau Mall) opened its doors for guests and residents of the city. This complex is located in the 16th micro-district. Its area is 50,000 square meters. On the territory of the shopping mall, the following are located: an ice skating rink (the first in the region); sports area; swimming pool; food court; play area for children; beauty lounge; different shops. For more than 10 years, the Aktau shopping and entertainment complex has become a place of attraction for the entire city.

Students of the ice rink, in particular - hockey, as well as swimmers of the pool - more than once represented the city at various republican competitions and became the winners. This is a vivid proof of the benefits of the complex for the city.

Besides, there are 3 cinema halls on the territory of the mall, which constantly gather residents and guests of the region from their screens. The mall is a shopping and entertainment complex where parents can come with their children, leave them in the cinema or play area, and in the meantime buy the necessary goods by themselves. The big advantage of the complex is a high level of security.

The mall consists of 4 floors, one of which is considered to be zero, and this is where the ice rink with a cinema is located. The architecture of the building remains a thought out trifles: it is almost impossible to get confused when going around shops. For the convenience of car owners, the centre has several large parking lots, including an underground one.

Information for foreign tourists: in the mall, you can buy souvenirs associated with the city, as well as there are bank branches on the territory of the centre, where you can exchange foreign currency.

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