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Sandy beaches of mangystau

The sea! Here it is anxious, alive, and choppy, fusion blue fills the entire horizon. Filled the air with tart, fresh, salty aroma, mesmerizing us with cries of gulls, the rhythm of the surf. And besides, the sea is the greatest healer. Here we hurry in difficult moments. And it always helps recoup strength, calm, relieves fatigue.

The total length of the tours 326 km. Asphalt road 274 km, and country road 52 km.

Seasonality – from April to October.

Day 1. Morning departure from Aktau. Arrival on the coast of the Caspian Sea near of the Blue Bay.  Wild Beach, unusual color of the water, mysterious rocks with caves, “Chertovpalets” rock, which rises above the turquoise waves of the Caspian seas as a high rock.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy the power and beauty of the landscape and the sea at the seaside under the quiet lapping of waves and to sit with a fishing tackle on a rocky ledge.

After lunch transfer to kanyonSaura. The Saura canyon offers you an opportunity to walk through the Canyon, explore a freshwater lake, where you can admire the relict turtles that live there and learn a lot about the way of life and the variety of reptiles. Recreation is on the landscape with fresh, crisp air and swimming in the sea. Also visit the archaeological remains of the bronze age found in excavations carried out in the year 2014.

In the evening transfer to the town of Fort-Shevchenko.

Day 2. After breakfast in the hotel restaurant, city tour of Fort-Shevchenko, amazing city full of historical and memorable places. The program includes visiting the reserve park, local history museum and the Museum of Ethnography named after Taras Shevchenko, the great Ukrainian artist and poet, who was exiled to Mangyshlak and who lived here for several years. Lunch in the hotel’s restaurant.

After the dinner you will rest on the seaside, in one of the warmest beaches of Mangystau, Bautino.

Evening return to Aktau city.

Food along the route:

Day 1 - lunch in the field prepared independently by tourists or prepared by a professional chef of the “Tourist” LLP;

Dinner the first day, breakfast and lunch the second day at the hotel's restaurant in the town of Fort-Shevchenko.


Day 2 - Breakfast and Lunch at the hotel's restaurant in the town of Fort-Shevchenko.


Overnight stay at the hotel in Fort - Shevchenko.

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