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PIlgrimage to the Beket-ata, Shopan-ata

Pilgrimage to the Holy places was held all the times by the people ready for new travel in search of spiritual truth. You will remember the travel to Mangystau underground mosques for a long time. They will give you unforgettable impressions, spiritual enrichment and open up a world of kindness and benevolence.

The total length of the route is 565 km. Asphalt road 366 km grader road 199 km.

Seasonality - all year round.

Day 1. On the first day of the pilgrimage you will visit one of the deepest cavities, Karagiye, see ancient religious-funerary complex Ulkenkuduk and learn the rituals in the underground mosques Shopan Ata, Becket Ata. 

In the morning departure from Aktau to the Karagiye cavity- taking the 3rd place in the world by its depth (the bottom of the dry salty lake Batyr). This cavity is  thepart of the Karagie - Karakol sanctuary. Visit of Karagiye located at 116 m below sea level, stop at the observation point.

Moving the Karagiye cavity - town of Zhanaozen - religious-funerary complex Ulkenkuduk. In the mysterious religious - funeral complex tourists will learn about the development of the spiritual culture of the Kazakh nation.

Transfer to the underground mosque Shopan Ata. Visit to the holy elder Shopan Ata’s underground mosque who according to legend was a disciple of the great Hodzha Ahmed Yasavi, the famous Sufi poet, mystic and philosopher. Familiarity with a variety of necropolises of the mosque and traditional rites, taken in holy places.

After lunch transfer to Beket Ata underground mosque. Beket Ata underground mosque takes the special place in the Muslim world. It is a holy place, which is in the same row as the most important buries of Muhammad and Kozhahmet.  All year round pilgrims are coming here to open their souls. People assure that even one mention of the name Beket Ata in the talk is able to avert trouble, and a prayer in the mosque is capable to make a miracle. Beket Ata is also known in the Muslim world as a Predictor and a prophet, to whom the book of Genesis opened. Descent along the long winding staircase to the Holy Mosque, where pilgrims will be able to read a prayer to have the blessings of the Saint, as well as visit of the sacred spring, where according to legend flowing water has the Holy power. Familiarity with the usual rituals in the holy place.

Day 2. On the second day, after breakfast, departure from Beket Ata to Senek village. There is an opportunity to drive on Senecasandy barchans and to take a short walk on the sand.  Transfer to Senek  necropolis dated XVII-XX centuries, which is the memorial monuments buried in the sands.

 In the evening the group is back to Aktau.

Food along the route:

1-Day. Lunchand Dinner will be held either in guest house on the traditions of pilgrims or tourists, prepared independently by tourists or prepared by a professional chef of the “Tourist” LLP.

2- Day. Breakfastwill be held either in guest house on the traditions of pilgrims or tourists, prepared independently by tourists or prepared by a professional chef of the “Tourist” LLP.

Lunch either in a café of Zhanaozen city or prepared by a professional chef of the “Tourist” LLP.


Overnightin tents near a mosque Becket - ATA

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