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Cavities of Mangystau

We offer you to spend sunset with a guitar around a campfire under a starry sky and greet the sunrise in the cavities of Mangystau.

The total length of the route is 744km, asphalt road - 360km, country road - 384 km.

Seasonality – from April to October.

Day 1. Morning departure from Aktau. During this tour you will visit one of the deepest cavities, popularly named the "Black mouth". You will learn about the geographical features of the peninsula, its deserts, mountains and cavities, with the visit of Karagiye cavity, 116 m below the sea level. You will visit in the protected part of the territory of Karagiye, where in the most beautiful corner of nature; among the stunning scenery you will feel the harmony of mutual understanding between man and nature. Driving along perfectly smooth and sandy dunes TakyrKaragiye you will enjoy a variety of landscapes. Walk among the dense thickets of tamarisk, with sightseeing of the amazing forms and colors rocks, as well as visit of a lake rammed by dense thickets of reeds.

During the tour you will visit Kaundy cavity, which is another interesting cavity in Mangystau, where tourists can participate in photography.

Transfer Kaundy – Onere spring. Stopping near the spring. Spring is surrounded by dense thickets of reeds and tamarisk. The beauty of this place disposed to rest and contemplation, but also to take camera and make unforgettable photographs.

On the evening of the first day arrival to the Karynzharyk cavity. Organization of dinner in the field. Tourists are to see off from the hight of Ustyurtplato the sunset sinking slowly over the horizon of a Karynzharyk cavity and covering the "mountain-warriors”.

Day 2. After breakfast in the field, you're in for a trial walk. In a Karynzharyk cavity you will see the amazing beauty of the countryside. All the soil here is salt marsh, which in humid weather shines as a mirror and becomes unassailable, under dry heat the soil cracked and covered with a million cracks. Over Kenderlinskysor are rising five mountains, whose height is 150 m. In frozen silence among brilliant marsh wastelands, these gorgeous mountains boggle minds with the amazing forms. The atmosphere here attracts to peaceful rest and self-discovery.

 On the evening of the second day return to Aktau.

Food along the route:

1-Day. Lunchand Dinner will be held in field conditions, prepared independently by tourists or prepared by a professional chef of the “Tourist” LLP

2- Day. Breakfast and Lunch will be held in field conditions, prepared independently by tourists or prepared by a professional chef of the “Tourist” LLP


Overnight stay in tentsin Karynzharyk under the stars.

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