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Caravan tropes

The length of the route -390 km. Asphalt road 350 km, and country road 40 km

Seasonality – from April to October.

1st Day. Morning departure from Aktau.

Visiting the following objects:

Mount Sherkala - natural object with one of the inspection points looks like a giant yurt. Walking tour around the mountain. Examination of archaeological remains of the ancient city Kyzylkala.

Jylshy– Walk along Chalky Canyon. Water and wind whimsically walled the walls of the channel with grottos, gutters and honeycombs

Visiting the ethnographic village "Kogez" - located 14 km from Shetpe village. On the territory of the ethnographic village Tourists will be able to touch the traditions of hospitality of the Kazakh people.

The tour "Under the arch of the Kazakh yurt"

Overnight in ethno village in national yurts with the traditional placement of 4-5 people in a yurt.

2nd Day. After breakfast, visiting the valley Shumanay - Airakty.

Walking to the top of the mountain Airakty. Small remnant mountain system is known among the local population under the name Airakty-Shomanay. A winding path down the slope Airakty displays on the observation deck with panoramic views of the distant Aktau mountains and all Airakty residual  mountains. From the height overlook the geoglyphs. Grandness, scale and unique flavor stimulate the imagination and delights. Descent from the mountain. Along the sides of the mountain Airakty on the blocks chalk rocks you can see scratched drawings, one of the researchers named "Steppe symphonies."

After lunch, a walk through a field of spherical concretions of stone.

In the evening return to Aktau.

Food along the route:

Day 1 – lunch and dinner in café in the ethnographic aul "Kogez»

Day 2 - Breakfast and Lunch in café in the ethnographic aul "Kogez»


Overnight in Yurtsin the ethnographic aul "Kogez"

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