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Tamshaly Canyon

Tamshaly Canyon is a protected place of Mangystau.

Many Mangistau and Aktau residents know such a historical and picturesque place - Tamshaly. Most of them get used to go there in the summer to barbecue and just for an active holiday. The place of Tamshaly is known for its small waterfall and fresh water lake. In summer it is very beautiful here and right at the entrance to the Tamshaly Canyon we can see a steep descent which in summer is overcome quite easily, but in winter and especially ice-slick, the reverse lift can be quite problematic and in winter we would recommend going there by the four driving wheels, so as not to stay until spring.

Why Tamshaly is memorized

In addition to the lake and the waterfall, which was mentioned earlier at the entrance to the canyon, the dilapidated structures of dilapidated buildings are immediately evident, and of course you can’t fail to notice the Caspian Sea.