Thursday,18 Julys
безоблачное небо
  • One of the highest dunes on the peninsula, adjacent to the chalky crayons, and between them is located the village of Senek. The nomadic sands of Tuesu have been trying to swallow this settlement for many years, but so far the forces are equal. The sandy massif Tuesu has a section of unbroken sand with windblown barchans. Sands are diverse origins. They amaze with its purity and unique novelty. In the afternoon, the sands seem uninhabitable, only toad-headed agama - the lizards from around here, like frightened birds, slip out from under the feet. Early in the morning the sands are covered with a carpet of unusual patterns, footprints of the nightly unseen creatures. If you shine a flashlight in the dark at eye level, bright whitish lights can enter the ray of light. These glitters belong to the eyes of a surprisingly beautiful and peaceful lizard - plate-tailed geckos