Thursday,18 Julys
безоблачное небо
Mount Bokty
  • Mount Bokty 165 meters above sea level is located in the western part of the chink of Ustyurt, is located on the southern side, approximately 17 kilometers from the grader road leading from the city of Zhana-Ozen to the Becket-Ata mosque.
    From the south the mountain closes the Baisary tract, from the west to Bokty is the natural boundary of Azhyrekty. If you continue the movement from Mount Bokty further east, the country roads, roads that have been traversed will lead to the Boszhir volcano.
    The path from the mosque of Shopan-Ata to Mount Bokty lies on a steppe, country road, moving from the Boszhir tract to Bokty will have to climb a low mountain range that stretches in the meridional direction, as if delimiting the Boszhir tract from Mount Bokty.
    The distance from the natural boundary of Boszhir to Mount Bokty is 16 kilometers, in rainy weather this path does not seem easy, the country road to the mountain range is clay.
    The path along the ridge sometimes goes along exposed, smoothly monolithic rocks, traversing a small plateau and soon the road to the krosskiy descent to the rubbish, among which is Mount Bokty.
    Mount Bokty is a recently dried up litter, the northern side, which is bounded by the Golubanshe hill, through which passes the grader road to the Becket-Ata mosque. The chaotic small mountains with an amazing feature from different points of view.
    Mount Bokty is one of them. On the one hand, this is a giant upside-down keel boat, if viewed from the south, the mountain looks like a majestic pyramid, cut by horizontal, multi-colored stripes.
    The rest of the up to the top has solid colors from gray-brownish-greenish. The base of the mountain is excised by meridional Sami on the feet and figures of fantastic animals.