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Karatau Mountains
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  • The mountains of Mangystau are in the northern part of the Mangyshlak Peninsula. The mountains of Mangystau include the Karatau Mountains, which stretch from the southeast to the northwest and are also in the northern extremity of the Mangyshlak Peninsula.

    The northwestern part of the Mangystau Mountains is called the North Karatau Range, the southeastern part of the Mangystau Mountains is called the Eastern Karatau Range. The mountain range of East Karatau is dominated by the Besshoky Mountain 556 meters above sea level.

    The Zhapyraktu Mountain dominates 368 meters above sea level in northern Karatau in the south-eastern part of the mountain. In the central southern part of the Mangystau mountain, the Western Karatau Range stretches from the south-east to the northwest, with the highest mountain Otpan 532 meters above sea level.

    The Karatau Mountains are located on the territory of the Mangystau region. The length of the Karatau Mountains is 130 kilometers. The mountains are cut by deep ravines-sais. They are composed of sandstones, limestones, marls, clays and sands.

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