Thursday,18 Julys
безоблачное небо
Kapamsay Canyon
  • There is the Kapamsay tract in the Silicon Valley. Imagine: Cretaceous sheer rocks, and at the bottom of a parched bed - a green grove with huge centuries-old trees. So you want to descend on a steep mountain, to get a closer look at the beauty of spring flowers. Once there was a narrow but deep river. Some travelers never reach the bottom of the dried-up river, but start to search silicon stones like enchanted, the terrain is strewn with. They say that silicon thoroughly disinfects water. It is only necessary to put a pebble in a jug - after a while the water becomes curative.

    And third travelers, enjoying the inspired panorama of the gorge, carefully listen to the legend of the guide about Kapam-batyr, who lived in this area for five hundred years ago, or even more. Kapam was famous for his batyr (strong brave man) merit. However, strong people always have strong envious, people who concealed their desire to kill a batyr. The foes learned from the young wife of Kapam the weakness of her husband, the fact that the batyr's strength was in his heels. And during the morning prayer, during the meditation period, when Kapam went into a trance, his legs were cut off. According to another version, his head was cut off. Anyway, but the allegedly mortally wounded batyr managed to fly to another summit of the gorge and did not allow his enemies to mock the dead body. And there, at inaccessible place, a glorious batyr was buried. Such death of batyr is a common version in many legends of nomads. One thing is clear: on the other side of the gorge above the pile of burial stones is a huge pole. Such a modest grave was typical for those who spread the philosophy of Sufism.

    / From the book by N. Zadaretskaya "Tupkaragan is the cradle of Mangystau" /