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ASTANA. KAZINFORM - A guide to the "Mysteries of Usturt" was published in Kazakhstan ("Usturt kupiyasy"). As reported in the scientific-educational fund named after academician Shakhmardan Yessenov, who published the guidebook, the entire edition of the book - 1200 copies - has already been printed and will go on sale to Nauryz, Kazinform reports.

The book has a pocket format and describes a route length of 1400 km of the Nomad Explorer auto-expedition. 270 enthusiasts carried it out last spring. The main purpose of the trip was the propaganda and development of domestic tourism in Kazakhstan. -

At the beginning of last year, the organizers of Nomad Explorer asked us to finance partially their expedition to Mangyshlak. Academician Essenov, whose 90th anniversary the country just celebrated, opened mineral deposits on the peninsula (they are the basis of the country's economy to this day). Mangystau, as it is now called, thanks to the efforts of the scientist remained within the Kazakhstan’s borders. Therefore, we decided to support the expedition, as well as to publish a guide on its route. We think that the book will encourage our compatriots to go on the road, visit not only Usturt, but also other interesting places of our country," - said project coordinator Nursultan Nurmuhanov.

The book, which will be available in the shops of four book-trading networks of the country, describes the 14 man-made and natural attractions of the region, where the participants of the expedition were staying. In total, there are more than 11 thousand attractions in Mangystau. The guide is published in three languages ​​(including Russian and English). -

The expedition was for me a sacred discovery. You feel a spiritual rebirth and see the connection of centuries in this place. A guidebook - it's like a key, as a detail of the puzzle, which reveals our homeland, helps us see and feel our native land, - climber Maksut Zhumayev shared his thoughts on the expedition and guidebook.

Readers will find in the "Mysteries of Usturt" guidebook photo-postcards, which can be sent by mail, an expedition card, advice on the road and brief descriptions of attractions. The publication uses high-quality photographs of the expedition members.

"I've never seen those places before. The intuition and information we owned before the trip helped us to decide to go there. And the choice was right. Unreal beauty, unprecedented energy, sacred plateau - we wanted everyone to feel this, visiting Usturt. And, I think, the guidebook will help to do it," - member of the organizing committee of Nomad Explorer Azamat Mukhametzhanov added.



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