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  • In order to develop the tourism and recreational potential of the Mangystau region and support the "Digital Kazakhstan" Program, nominated by Elbasy – N.A. Nazarbayev, 2GIS Aktau, together with the Tourism Department of Mangystau region, carried out work on including 24 sacred and historical and cultural sights of Mangystau in the digital map.

    Director of 2GIS Sagat Nurmagambetov:

    "This joint project was implemented on a free basis to promote Mangystau as a visiting tourist card of Kazakhstan, a treasury of sacred sites and landscape and geographical attractions.

    With the support of the regional akimat, we organized an expedition to collect map data for the creation of routes and traveled over 3000 km of the road. As a result of the work done in the application 2GIS Aktau, you will see the following 24 attractions with the ability to build a route to them, including in offline mode:

    Blue Bay (beach)

    Saura (Canyon)

    Tamshaly (spring, gorge)

    Zhygylgan (precipice)

    Sultan epe (underground mosque)

    Kapamsay (Canyon)

    Shakpak ata (underground mosque)

    Valley of balls (spherical concretions)

    Otpan tau (historical and cultural complex)

    Airakty-Shomanay (residual mountains)

    Sherkala (mountain)

    Tuzbair (salt lake)

    Sphinx (rock)

    Sisem ata (necropolis)

    Becket ata (underground mosque)

    Naiza (mountain, panorama)

    Boszhira (mountain, valley)

    Shopan ata (underground mosque)

    Radon source (hot spring)

    Peschany Cape (the beach)

    Tokmak Cape (rocky beach)

    Kenderli (recreation center)

    Karynzharyk (basin, salt lake)

    Buloyk (cave) »

    "The opportunity to visit these attractions independently will give a new impetus to the development of the tourist and recreational potential of Mangystau region, because many people have heard about them, but few know how to get there," said the Head of the Tourism Department of the region, Urken Bisakaev.

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