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ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Global Passport Power Rank 2018 has published a new rating of the best passports for travel, the MIA "Kazinform" reports.

The leading place, as in 2017, is occupied by Germany. The number of countries for visa-free entry with a German passport increased from 158 to 161.

Passport of a Singapore citizen fell to the second place from the first one: 160 countries you can visit without a visa having this passport. The second place in the ranking is also occupied by Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, South Korea.

Ukraine - on the 30th place, 122 countries is available to visit without visa with a passport of a citizen of this country.

Russia improved its performance by two marks, rising from 42nd to 40th place. With a Russian passport, you can visit 109 countries without a visa. Turkey - 41 places, with a visit to 108 countries.

Moldova and Georgia in 42nd place, with a visit to 106 countries.

The passport of a Kazakhstan citizen is on the 59th place. It is available to visit without a visa 71 countries. Belarus divides the place with Kazakhstan in the rating.

Azerbaijan and China are on the 65th place, with the opportunity to visit 64 countries.

Kyrgyzstan is on the 69th place. Holders of Kyrgyz passports can freely visit 59 countries. The Armenian passport takes the same line in the rating.

Mongolia is in 70th place, with a visit to 58 countries.

Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and India are on the 72nd place, with a visit to 55 countries.

Turkmenistan is on the 77th place, with a visit to 50 countries. At the last, 94 place Afghanistan, with a visit to 25 countries.



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